Squirrel Creek

Specializing in the rescue and rehabilitation of orphaned and injured wildlife in Colorado

About Squirrel Creek Wildlife Rescue

Squirrel Creek Wildlife Rescue is a 501(c)3 non-profit. We are the states largest facility of its type that care for wildlife that has been injured, sick, orphaned or habituated to humans. Our goal is to return these creatures back into their appropriate habitats.

We are no longer able to accept wildlife by order of Colorado Parks and Wildlife. Unfortunately there are no wildlife hospitals in the state of Colorado at this time; our advice is to call wildlife centers out of state for instructions on how to to care for the animal.

Animals we help include:

Squirrel Creek News

June, 2020
Squirrel Creek Wildlife Rescue is not accepting wildlife at this time.

There are very few options for the rehabilitation or rescue of wildlife.

Best of luck.