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Snakes & Others

Many of us are afraid of snakes, but with education we can learn to appreciate them and allay our fears.  Douglas County is home to a variety of harmless snakes and the occasional rattlesnake (the only venomous snake in the county).  Most commonly, you will encounter a variety of garter snakes and the gopher or bull snake ranging in length from two to over four feet.  The bull snake is easily mistaken for a rattlesnake because of its markings and coiling behavior exhibited when harassed.  Remember, all snakes choose flight over fight when approached non-aggressively.  


Snakes’ body temperature varies with the environment.  Consequently, we find them in cool shaded areas during the heat of the day and on warm rocks when the temperature drops.  Their diet consists predominantly of rodents, insects and worms. They in turn are prey to eagles, hawks, owls and humans.  


Next time you encounter a snake in your garden, back away and let them carry on their ecologically important job of keeping our rodent population under control.



Quick Facts


Snakes are beneficial to the environment.  Don’t be alarmed if you encounter them, but know these facts:


Snakes you are most likely to encounter in the county are garter snakes and bull  snakes, and occasionally a rattlesnake.


Snakes are only aggressive if fearful or provoked.


Think before reaching under rocks and bushes.


Walk carefully on trails and open areas where snakes may sun themselves, especially in the fall and spring due to cooler temperatures.  

Snakes you encounter in Douglas County are harmless with the exception of the rattlesnake.


Bull snakes are sometimes confused with rattlesnakes because of a similar appearance and aggressive behavior when threatened.  



Amphibians & Reptiles in Douglas County




Tiger Salamander

Garter Snake

Bull Snake

Prairie Rattlesnake