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Specializing in the rescue and rehabilitation of orphaned and injured wildlife  in Colorado.


Open Positions

Squirrel Creek Wildlife Rescue Volunteer Position Descriptions



Assistant Caretaker - As an assistant caretaker you will assist Staff and Interns (Apprentice Rehabilitators) to keep up with feeding animals, cleaning cages, and other general clinic cleaning duties, such as washing bedding, feeding dishes, and implements.



Wildlife Rescuer – Squirrel Creek receives calls 7 days a week, 24 hours a day concerning wild animals in need of help. A Wildlife Rescuer helps us respond to those calls by releasing wild animals from live traps, picking up contained animals and transporting them to Squirrel Creek, and rescuing sick or injured animals. Position opening now.



Maintenance and Construction - Assist with the construction of furnishings for enclosures such as climbing platforms, shelters, and nest boxes, mowing grass, gardening, and planting. Squirrel Creek can also use the assistance of electricians, plumbers, welders, and other specialty tradespeople. Position open now.



Office and Administration - Assist the management team with tasks such as typing, filing, data entry, and mailings. Position open now.


Additional help is needed every day with tasks such as answering calls, laundry, dishes, feeding of infant and ICU care wildlife, cleaning of enclosures & food preparation.


Come join the team of that saves more of Colorado’s mammals than any other group. We are a diverse team of experts in the treatment & care of Colorado’s best resource…..its wildlife!


To learn more about the specifics of the various volunteer positions available at Squirrel Creek Wildlife Rescue, please click on the email link below.


Thank you for your interest!


Kendall Seifert ~ Director

Squirrel Creek Wildlife Rescue