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Important notes about feeding

It takes training, experience and the right equipment to learn how to correctly feed a baby bird, squirrel, or other baby animal. It takes knowledge of the proper formulas, temperatures and feeding techniques. You cannot buy the proper equipment at your local pet store - that equipment is made for much larger animals like puppies and kittens and using that equipment would make it extremely difficult for anyone to safely feed a baby squirrel, bunny or bird. In fact, we find that over 80% of orphaned animals that were fed by their rescuers arrive at Squirrel Creek Wildlife Rescue with aspiration pneumonia. Many animals that would have survived if the temporary caregiver simply did not feed them cannot be saved only because the rescuer fed them first.


Second, even if you found an adult animal you should never put food in its mouth. Injured adult animals can be aspirated just like orphaned babies can be aspirated. Further, the priority with an injured adult animal should be to get its injuries addressed by a licensed wildlife rehabilitator.


Third, feeding an emaciated animal can actually kill it. When an animal is emaciated, its gastrointestinal system stops functioning. Feeding an animal in this condition can result in its death. Feathers and fur hide starvation quite well so please don't think that you can simply tell if the animal is starving by looking at it.


Fourth, feeding the wrong diet can compromise or kill an animal. Some wild animals have extremely delicate gastrointestinal systems that can be disrupted by incorrect diet. Even the incorrect diet can cause major problems if fed at the wrong temperature.


We will give you temporary care instructions once we assess your animal and set an appointment. Under certain circumstances, we might give you instructions to offer the animal food free-choice but we will be very specific regarding what food, how much and in what size container/bowl.


Please NEVER offer the animal food and water without specific instructions from us to do so....


A drop of water isn't enough to help an animal but it is enough to kill an animal.