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Black Bears

Douglas County is surrounded by bear habitat. Bears may be active at any time, but most active April through November, during morning and evening twilight.


When not sleeping they are looking for food. The females emerge from their winter dens in late March to early May. Finding food becomes their primary goal. Bears must forage for significant amounts of food in late summer/early fall in order to survive during their winter hibernation period.



Living with Bears 


Black Bears are shy and usually avoid human contact. Most Douglas County residents will never see a bear.  Keep your property safe by keeping garbage enclosed and locked, and out of the reach and smell of bears. To eliminate odors, doorways may be cleaned with ammonia.


Clean or burn off grease from barbecue grills, and store grill and brushes inside. Hang bird feeders well away from the house, and bring them in at night. Do not put garbage scraps into a composite pile.  


Please do your part to help keep bears wild by not attracting them to food sources from your home!